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Too Fruit

Is it so easy to convince an adult? Does adult learning go smoothly? Not at all! Because someone or something has the greatest influence on us in childhood, when we, like sponges, absorb everything consciously or unconsciously. 

TOOFRUIT is a brand of children’s cosmetics that teaches the child to take care of the health of his skin and acquire the habit of facial care culture from an early age, using cool cosmetics with pronounced results! Children should be sure that regular skin cleaning is the key to solving many problems, especially unwanted acne!

TOOFRUIT adheres to European standards in the field of cosmetics, starting with the quality standards of products and their production and ending with design. Mandatory compliance with the rules in the field of ecology, eco-design and sustainable development is an integral strategy of the brand.

Made in France

Tested on sensitive skin

Not tested on animals

Certified organic

Redesigned packaging